Dr. Rupal Mankad

Principal's Desk

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to be a part of the family of Shri Darbar Gopaldas Shikshan Mahavidyalaya. Education is the prime factor which affects the national development of any era. Teachers are at the centre of the whole education system. If the teacher fails, the whole system will collapse. So, preparing excellent teachers is one of the most important, key, and vital factor for any nation.

The college is in pursuit of excellence by promoting human values for social harmony, providing quality teacher education for rural and underprivilrdge students and to make the College of Education excel through innovative teaching, research and extension activities.

We aim at providing not only subject expert and skilled professionals but also to mould the trainees with better conduct and character committed to the societal needs and national development.

The college also tries to promote and protect the glory of Indian haritage through various activities and curriculum transaction flexibility. The team of professionals at the college tries to perfectly blend the local and global methodology and deliver it to our students.

I, as a principal of this college, welcome you all to be a part of a humble and valuable profession of this world. It is the first step towards global transformation and we are glad you are taking it with us!