Dr. Dolarbhai Mankad
The Founder

The Founder of the Institution

Dr. Dolarbhai was born in 1902 at Kachh Gujarat; he went to Karachi after completing his primary secondary and higher education in saurashtra. He joined as a lecturer of Guajarati in th D.J.Sindh college. His depth and vision of literature ,arts, history, archeology and philosophy contributed more than forty precious books to the world of knowledge. This work of him is a treasure for the scholars. His journey from Karachi to Vidyanagar to Aliabada was full of reading and writing of these areas. He was than given great honor of becoming the first and founder vice chancellor of the Saurashtra University where he created a new path of lightening the Indian culture and heritage. He also has founded many educational institutions in Jamnagar. He has served the society as a great educational leader as well as social reformer. He passed away in 1970. His worthy life and field experiences have contributed much to the world of knowledge. Here is try to have pinch of his life blood!